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Have you ever thought about what’s inside your coke, your water, your coffee? I was pretty shocked by the amount of sugar which is inside everyday’s food or beverages. Ketchup is delicious, we all know. But the amount of sugar may be a bit too delicious for being healthy.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup contains 23.7g sugar per 100g (source The Ecologist).

That’s quite a number, isn’t it?I found a good picture on the facebook page The secret to humor is surprise which makes the sugar problem quite clear. Motto: “Rethink your drink”:

Rethink your drink

Speaking of beverages like Cola in plastic bottles I have found a good website dealing with topics all around waste. The page is called We Hate To Waste and is run by Jacquie Ottman. She shares tips and ideas on recycling, sharing, waste avoidance and many other useful things. Have a look at the page. I like it! The cartoons on the page are awesome, too.

Stay tuned!


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